About Us

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Allan, Ana & Demian


We can’t lie, we have taken the scenic route to get here but it surely has been an interesting one. Not everything has been simple but oh boy have we enjoyed every part of it! We have learned that some of the greatest pleasures in our lives are photography and traveling but above all we enjoy discovering something new everyday, so we thought… why can’t we combine all of that? Is this something that we can share with others? We can surely find a new story to tell, right?

For us it has been fascinating to discover sensational people and places and of course we have found that it’s hard to compete with the moment when two people have decided to combine their paths, become partners in live and oh yeah also have an awesome party to celebrate that!

Our contribution to their love story is to suspend in time their new adventure together. We want to be able to create something special for them, something that captures their true essence, something that in the future will allow them to look back and relive that moment again blending it with the now.

We love Mérida and Yucatán and really think you will love your session here! Who doesn’t want to have an extraordinary photography session on the beach, in the beautiful city of Mérida or in a one of the many magical towns of Yucatán? Yucatán is full of love, culture, colors, beautiful scents, magical sounds, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises and of course delicious food. Just like it’s weather, Yucatan is warm and it has a very unique brightness.

It doesn’t matter if you live here, have already visited Yucatán or if this wonderful place is new to you, there will always be new things to discover and experience, you will always be reinventing yourself and falling in love again.

We believe everybody has a story and we want to tell yours!


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