Why Food Photography Matters To Everybody not just Restaurants

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You probably have heard the phrase “you eat with your eyes”; and if you love food I am sure you will agree with it. Everybody has memories of not only how our favorite foods taste but how they smell and look . A great example for me is cafe de olla, as soon as I picture the coffee it transports me to a cold morning back home, I imagine how the yellow light from my mom’s balcony window pours into the house making everything brighter and warmer; I can almost smell the delicious coffee cooking in the kitchen filling the house with an aroma of sweetness and spices that gives me a great sensation of comfort. For you it might be another meal or beverage that triggers that magical memory that transports you to a specific place, person, date, or feeling.

We have all felt the excitement to share this feeling with others and food photography is a great tool that allows us to tell a story. Photography can help you express yourself; whether if it’s just capturing how the food looks and feels to you during that moment, perhaps you want to showcase the freshness of the ingredients, the creativity behind a new dish or concept, or maybe just make everybody drool over your food 🙂

Keeping in mind that every person and business is unique and each one of them has a different concept or story they want to share we did a fun exercise to better explain how photography can have very different tones. To demonstrate this we decided to take one of the most basic items in a kitchen or a menu; a simple lemonade and photograph it for 4 different restaurants.

Now we need your help; are you in for a little game? Below we give you a small description of the 4 restaurants and what they wish to communicate and all you need to do is identify which photograph belongs to which restaurant. Easy right? Perfect! Now.. ready… set… go!

  • Healthy Food Truck: It’s important for them to highlight the freshness of their local ingredients. They want to communicate that they are healthy, simple and fresh.Their lemonade is the perfect solution for a hot summer day.
  • Mexican Gourmet Restaurant: They are very proud of their flavors; they take traditional recipes and give them a twist to enhance the flavors. This place is nocturnal and full of delicious aromas; they have an open kitchen where you can see and feel the warm heat of the flames while they are cooking your food. They want you to picture this in a very subtle way.
  • Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant: This place breathes creativity and geekiness. It’s a very modern restaurant that loves to experiment with molecular gastronomy and play with the physical and chemical reactions of their ingredients. They want to grab your attention and create curiosity.
  • Modern Tea House: Picture a modern tea house that doesn’t lose sight of tradition. Their minimalist, modern but have a very comfy place. They want to invite people to come, take their time and enjoy their teas at a new level.

Do you think you got them all or struggled a little bit? Let us know your results and your experience doing this exercise.

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