Which Are the Three Magical Moments for a Photo Shoot?

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We have been asked many times about what are the best moments for a photo shoot? I think this is a hard question because it really depends where you are and what you want to accomplish but for us there are three magical moments that we really love; these moments are during the golden hour, at night and when it’s raining. There are real reasons behind our love for those moments so let me share with you why.

The Golden Hour

Have you ever imagined yourself in a wheat field with your perfect dress or your stylish suit, the sun shining down on you; making everything so much gently brighter and magical. It feels like a scene cut out of a movie; of course we have all imagine ourselves this way. What? Only me? Well, if you have never imagined this, imagine it now. Wouldn’t that be an awesome look?

The best way to have that look is to take the photographs during the Golden Hour. The Golden Hour is a small pocket of time before sunrise and sunset. During that time you get this beautiful soft warm yellow/orange light that comes from the low sun. I know it’s hard getting up before sunrise but trust me, you won’t regret it!



You might be thinking… Really, a photo session in the night? Yes! You heard it correctly.

Taking photos at night is a 180° experience compared to taking photos during the day so let me explain some reasons why it’s worth it. First, at night we are not controlled by the sun; during the day we have to work with the sun unlike at night we are the ones that are actually creating the light and number two which I love the most is that once that you embrace the night (just like batman) the inner creative side unleashes. Oh yeah, and it does!

It is definitely a lot of fun to take photographs during the night; you can take silhouettes, play with the street or natural light, use modifiers to illuminate the scene creating a special mood and even having the ability to paint with light. If these words give you goosebumps but in a good way than I fully recommend it.


During Rain

I know normally we all try to avoid rain and getting wet is not necessarily something we want but if you let go and just enjoy the rain like when you were 5 years old, I am positively sure that you won’t want it to end!

There are a ton of different things to do under the rain; for starters there are umbrellas!! To follow there is capturing the drops of rain as they fall in a stunning moment and all those sparkles of light from the reflections.  The reality is that there are endless things that can be done but the most important is that it’s a blast of fun and you will get some really cool photos out of this experience.


So there you go, these are just a few reasons why it’s worth doing a little extra and giving these three magical times an opportunity. So next time you hear golden hour, at night and under the rain go ahead and say yes!

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