WorldWide Photo Walk

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It’s that time of year that we have anxiously been waiting; I can’t say that we were counting the days because every year this event is not necessarily held on the same day or even the same month! but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye to see if the date has been announced. I am talking about the WorldWide Photo Walk

You might be asking yourself what is the WorldWide Photowalk? Why is it such a big deal?

The WorldWide Photo Walk is an annual event organized by Scott Kelby. The idea behind the Photowalk is to gather people all around the world that have one single passion in common: Love for Photography.

This event is not for professional photographers, or amateurs, or people with certain cameras or equipment, in fact if you want to you can even show up with just your mobile; this event is for anybody and everybody that enjoys photography.

Yes, you can take photographs on your own anywhere and anytime that you want but the WorldWide Photo Walk is a great way to meet new friends, maybe explore a new place or just have in your calendar a great excuse to take some time out of your busy schedule for taking some cool pics.

And did I mention this event is completely FREE! I don’t know about you but I just convinced myself!! Just kidding 🙂

If you have the ability, there is the option to donate to The Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage which is an “organization that feeds, houses, educates and empowers young orphans so that they can grow up to not just survive but succeed” – Scott Kelby

If I made a good case you now might be thinking: So, how does it work?

Easy! You just have to register at You can actually register to lead your own walk if there is not one in your city or you can find a walk near you.

You won’t regret attending! Trust me; this is going to be the 4th year that we have been leaders here in Yucatan. We have gone back and forth on where to do the walk this year. We were looking for an everyday place, somewhere simple but with a lot of hidden jewels that you can take the time to explore. Wow! This is hard! There are so many places! But after a second change of mind we finally decided that we will be hosting the walk in Progreso, Yuc. at sunset!! This place meets all the points in our checklist. If you live here or will be traveling around here on October 1st go checkout our walk at

Now; after all this info what are you waiting for? Go register!

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