A New Home

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Wow! Here we are… getting a fresh new site!!! It’s a little bit strange, it feels similar to when you move into a new house… yes, you brought some of the furniture and decorations that you loved the most from your old house but there’s somehow something different in the air. It might be the feeling of restarting something or the wild possibilities you have by not having a full canvas. I am not sure what it is but we sure love it!!

I never realized it but rebuilding, relaunching and trying new things has always been our lemma. Over the last 5 years we have  done a lot of changes in our personal and professional lives. We have been very lucky to have been able to take time to find ourselves, explore what we have been, what we are and where we want to go next.

In our new site we have included this blog section to make sure that we are closer to you. We want to be able to share our adventures, the beautiful places we visit, our sensational couples and friends that we meet but we also really want a place where we can hear from you.

Of course we want to share our work but we also want to talk about some of our recommendations that might help you have a glorious wedding day, things like wedding destination tips, how to select vendors, talk about gear (we know everybody has a photographer inside), share some of our personal projects and so on, the list can be eternal but we mainly want to be able to connect and communicate with you, hear your experiences and any questions you might have.

Let us know your thoughts; do you like this approach? Are there any subjects that you would like to hear about?

Thanks for taking the time to visit our new home!

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